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Bottles and Bonds: Portrait Cellars and Red Mountain Trails

Working closely with winery owners and vineyard managers, you hear stories.  Lots and lots of stories.  The best ones are those that tell the history of this place. They unveil the rugged and unstoppable passion of the people, and the heart of neighbors who look out for each other.  These are stories that lift me up.  They show me a side of humanity that reminds me of all the goodness and beauty there is in this world. 

The vineyard is more than just a collection of vines; it is a living, breathing testament to the camaraderie that defines this land. A harmonious symphony of winery owners and vineyard managers, sharing not just land but a history etched in every grape and bottle. The spirit of cooperation prevails, echoing the sentiments of a time when Napa Valley was a burgeoning community in the '70s. 

A Portrait of Friendship

Amidst the hills of Red Mountain, Teresa Owen's story blossoms. Her childhood home, once a peach orchard, now stands as Red Mountain Trails, a ranch tracing back to the '70s. The pages of her life unfold with the arrival of Ed and Eve Shaw, who purchased a chunk of that family farm, planted vineyards, and transformed it into Portrait Cellars. 

Portrait Cellars on Red Mountain

When Teresa's mother passed away, the family home beckoned her return. As fate would have it, a profound friendship emerged between Teresa and her neighbors, Ed and Eve. In Teresa's own words, "Evenings I'd see if the kitchen lights were on, the telltale glow through the cherry tree outside her kitchen window meant she was probably up for a visit. If the light was on, I'd head over for an evening of chess and wine and laughter and tears and gossip in front of the fireplace. Our dogs flopped out on the floor like a collection of bear-skin rugs. It was heaven.” 

Grapes and Mentorship

Teresa's passion for winemaking, dormant during her corporate years, found its revival on Red Mountain. Her neighbors, far from perceiving her dreams as competition, saw an opportunity to mentor. Ed Shaw, a guiding hand, lent his expertise and facilities, allowing Teresa to take her first steps into winemaking

Teresa working under the mentorship of Ed

The bond of mentorship, rather than stifling competition, fostered collaboration. Ed and Eve's legacy materialized as Teresa launched Red Mountain Trails winery. Their influence extended beyond the vines and into the hearts of neighboring winemakers who rallied to support her maiden release. In a chorus of solidarity, they celebrated her journey

Red Mountain Trails Flagship Wine

Legacy in Every Bottle 

Eve passed away in 2022 and Ed in 2023, but their legacy lives on through Teresa. Although the physical presence of her mentors are no longer here, their teachings endure, echoing through every bottle produced at Red Mountain Trails. With each sip, newcomers to the area discover not just wine but a story woven with threads of friendship, mentorship, and the enduring spirit of a community that shares its roots in the fertile soils of Red Mountain. 

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