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Learning from the masters

I am a nerd when it comes to wine - that is what my husband calls me, and he's right. You know, not the noun definition, but the verb definition "engage in or discuss a technical field obsessively or with great attention to detail" - and he then he will add "why?!" It is because I'm fascinated with the science and the art of making wine. I read books, watch Youtube videos, and follow my winemaker friend around until she's had enough of me. Recently I discovered another fun way to learn more about this beautiful drink. It is the winemaker Master Class offered by one of our local wineries - Barnard Griffin.

I attended the Cabernet Sauvignon class which offered me the opportunity to taste and learn about six different Cabs from six different regions. I also learned more about the science and art of making wine. For example - oak barrels are used not only to impart flavor to the wine but also allow oxygen transfer that affects the finish and texture of the wine. But leave wine in new oak too long and that oak flavor will overpower the wine and ruin it - so winemakers will start with a new barrel, then transfer to a "neutral Oak" - meaning it has had two or more vintages and no longer imparts flavor. How long to leave a new wine in new oak before transferring? Well - that's where that art comes into play!

Of course, pairing wine with food is a must for me - I love discovering how the two will complement each other! Barnard Griffin offers a great selection to choose from which my friend and I took full advantage of - we have photographic proof!

These are the types of events that I love to send my clients to - they are educational, fun and engaging. It's a great date night, or evening out with your pals. Barnard Griffin hosts these fairly regularly and you can find them listed on their Eventbrite page.

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