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The Best of the Markets

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

(Post updated April 2023)

I am out in our community a lot, looking for those experiences that offer exceptional hospitality, customer service, and quality. Lately I’ve been comparing the Farmer’s Markets because these icons of summer bounty offer a fun excursion for both tourists as well as locals. While there is an abundance of great pop-up markets around our area, I decided to focus on markets that run on a regular schedule and offer a wide selection from food to crafts.

So after my research, which ones do I believe are the best? Read on to find out!


Richland Farmer's Market

Location: Richland Parkway corner of Lee & George Washington Way

Schedule: Every Friday 9am – 1pm June through October

This market offers a huge variety of vendors from fresh produce and local free range meat to flowers, wine, beer, cheese, and crafts. Live music is performed during market hours which adds a festive energy.

There are several restaurants right on location that offer a great selection for lunch after your market shopping spree.

Foodies Restaurant - the Baja fish tacos and the pulled pork tacos are two of my favorite entrees, and they always have a good variety of local wines and craft beers.

Another great option is Frost Me Sweet Bistro. This one was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Season 29) – try the Sweet Potato Lasagna which was Guy Fieri’s favorite!

Some days I simply pick up lunch from one of the many market food vendors and walk across the street to Howard Amon park to enjoy a few relaxed moments in the shade by the river.

For more information on this market see their website


Pasco Farmer's Market

Location: 101 S. 4th Ave., Pasco

Schedule: Every Saturday 8am - 12pm May through October

Most vendors at this market are local farms, although there are a few craft type booths as well as some food vendors.

I regularly attend this one to restock my in-season produce because I like the selection of organic farmers here. And If you’re looking to try some new fruits or vegetables this is your "go to" place. I often find something new and different and the farmers are helpful in offering suggestions for storing and cooking their produce.

See their Facebook page for information on vendors and special events.

BONUS: We have partnered with Ciao Trattoria to offer “Tour with a Chef” . Follow the Chef Jessie through the market as he introduces you to vendors and gives tips on how to select the best in-season produce and locally sourced ingredients. You then join him for a demonstration cooking class and lunch using the ingredients that were selected that morning.


3-Eyed Fish Market

Location: Queensgate Village, 1970 Keene Rd., Richland, WA

Schedule: Every Sunday 10am - 1pm May through October

This market is well organized and growing fast with a great selection of crafts as well as food vendors and food products. One of my favorite is Voodoo Spices – the sweet apple bourbon on beer can chicken is awesome!

This is also where I go to stock up on my beef – Mooers Family Farm is a regular vendor here and the quality of their beef is top notch!

Queensgate Village has several small shops open during the market hours, as well as two great lunch options.

3-Eyed Fish- I love their French Onion Soup, but sometimes I just jump right to the homemade cheesecake and pair it with one of the great wine selections.

Right next door is Ethos – also featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Ethos has several light lunch options, fresh baked goods made with their own in-house ground flour, and one of the BEST places for coffee!

See their Facebook page for more information.


Kennewick Public Market

Location: Columbia River Warehouse, 10 E. Bruneau Ave., Building C., Kennewick WA

Schedule: Thursday - Sunday year round.

This year the Welch’s Warehouse has been transformed into a public market with a Pike Place kind of vibe.

There is a wide range of vendors here so give yourself plenty of time to browse. The market is still new and as of August not all of the vendor stalls were open, but this potential to grow and I predict will be a hopping place to visit, particularly during the seasons when other markets are closed. I’m looking forward to what events they may plan for the upcoming holiday seasons.

When you're finished browsing this market, walk down and around the corner one block to the Columbia Gardens Wine Village where you can pick up lunch from one of the many food trucks and enjoy a glass of wine.

See their website for the list of vendors, hours, and upcoming events.

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