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Kayaking Nelson Island

If you love nature, water, and sunshine, then try Kayaking in Tri-Cities, WA. With an average 300 days of sunshine and three large rivers converging in the heart of the cities, this place provides numerous opportunities to enjoy this sport.

For those that want a chance for some up close wildlife viewing, I recommend Nelson Island in the Columbia River. This island is directly across from Leslie Groves park in Richland, WA.

A trip around the island will take approximately one hour at a leisurely pace. When you launch your kayak from the park shore, head north to the tip of the island – the current here can be strong so you will need to put some muscle in your paddle – but it is shallow around the tip and only takes a few minutes to pass across it to the downstream East side. You will definitely want to follow this navigational path so that you can slow down and drift the East side of the island where you are most likely to see wildlife. The river is shallow here which keeps boats at bay providing a great route for kayaks, as well as providing an environment that local wildlife find attractive.

About half way down the East side of the island you will find a small cove – watch closely as you are likely to see deer!

When you are finished with your Kayaking trip, head South down George Washington Way to Lulu’s Craft Bar & Kitchen to enjoy food sourced from local farms. They have a great deck overlooking the Columbia River from which you can enjoy some of their unique craft cocktails – I recommend the Lulu Lady, it is one of my favorites!

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