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Moonlight SUP Tours

One benefit of living here on the dry side of Washington State is the amazing sunsets - particularly those summer months. The dry air means less water vapor which results in more vivid color wavelengths. And the long warm summer nights provide the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy those amazing sunsets.

Any night of the week you will find people out enjoying the desert evenings from sports events to wine tasting and al fresco dining. Now layer the fact that we have three major rivers that converge in the heart of Tri-Cities, and you expand the fun to include evenings on the water.

I had heard about a moonlight paddleboard tour offered by Northwest Paddleboarding - and so one August evening I gave it a try. We launched at sunset on the east end of Columbia Park and paddled down the Columbia River using these awesome LED lighted paddles that you can see in these photos.

We followed the shoreline down to Clover Island where the Cable Bridge lights offer another dramatic view that can only be experienced and appreciated from the water.

​The water is so calm and peaceful at this time of the evening. All the boats have docked for the day, leaving the water smooth as glass and a perfect medium to reflect the lights of the bridges and the moon.

As we turned the corner towards the Clover Island marina we passed by the Yacht Club and boathouses - and suddenly it was as if we had left one movie scene and entered another. From a quiet peaceful river, we were now paddling past festive scenes of boathouse parties complete with music, dancing, food, and games. I had no idea this was such a "happening place" on the weekends, but it was a spectacular and fun way to end the tour.

These tours are offered a few times through the summer - you can check the schedule of events on their website. If you don't have paddleboarding experience then start out with their Intro classes. The intro class is how I got started - and I got hooked on it. I now have a board of my own and can't wait to hit the water for more of these tours. Bring on summer!!

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